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Our Offerings

What we provide to our customers

A uniquely designed "5S" supply chain methodology

MNJP offerings are designed to cater industry needs & expectations coupled with latest technological advantage. Today's world market which is a new normal after COVID-19 pandemic, buyers and sellers both, have learnt, new ways of sourcing and managing their supply chain smoothly via organizations like MNJP by sitting in their homeland and running their businesses progressively with mutual collaboration and trust. And we as an organization are committed to deliver customer satisfaction and bring glory to the nation to be a new manufacturing power house for the world market in near future.

Get engage with our industry-leading metallurgy & engineering teams to set up your R&D projects for success. Our engagement program starts with a materials evaluation to help identify the right metals and attributes required to reduce risk, decrease failure rates, and increase your supply speed to market. We work together with our customers & supplier partners to identify & specify the perfect manufacturing process, alloy, finish, supply condition, chemical & mechanical properties and much more. Complete the contact form on this site and an enthusiastic MNJPiet will contact you soon.

Why to choose MNJP??

  1. Reduces overall sourcing budget cost

  2. MNJP's quality assurance is smartly designed as per customer's expectations

  3. Conforming to best quality management systems

  4. Competitive pricing due to global procurement capability

  5. Reduce travel risk, decrease failure rates in sourcing, and increase your speed to attend market demand

  6. You can gain access to our product sourcing specialists and quality metallurgists, each with expertise that is best-suited for your unique raw material, metal parts & metal commodity requirements.

  7. Our team can deliver custom material solutions to maximize the performance of your application.

  8. We are uniquely equipped to fill large and small orders on an immediate basis

  9. A bonafide safeguard to your Intellectual Property 

Commodity Classification

A World of Many Solutions

We arrange and provide a wide variety of Ferrous, Non ferrous commodities with smart sourcing solutions to our customers to cater their industry needs by providing good supplier base, reduced lead times with ultimate cost benefits.

We also provide complete manufacturing solutions for highly engineered products like Valve units for process industries & complete sourcing set for entire Turnkey Projects.

We also work for Smart Project Sourcing and Tendering Business for various Government & Private Organizations.


Search & Identify the targeted suppliers as per the requirement from customers


Evaluate & Select suitable suppliers based on competence, quality and cost


Negotiate with them on techno-commercial factors to win the best and competitive deal for our valued customers to move ahead with sourcing.


Design & Execute custom made supply chain solutions for customer

to reduce overall

project sourcing cost


Maintain & Sustain entire supply chain with

dynamic, innovative & uniquely designed solutions till end of the

project life cycle

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